Wednesday, 20 August 2014

TJRC critisized for delaying findings

By Samuel Mburu
The Truth Commission came under fire at a forum on land reforms for its alleged failure to understand its mandate and delay of releasing its findings.
Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) CEO Tom Aziz defended his commission claiming that a full report will be given to the president as soon as all findings are compiled.
Mr Aziz said the commission is not allowed to give interim report on its findings; he called on Kenyans to endure with TJRC as it is in its final steps of working on the much-awaited report.
“We are not mandated to give an interim report on our findings, we must have a full report given to the president,” said Mr Aziz adding that there is need for formation of a committee that will oversee implementation of the recommendations made.
Citing section 50 of the TJRC Act, he said the Act provides that “all recommendations shall be implemented” as the implementation of “our work is mandatory.”
TJRC mandate, Mr Aziz said seeks to investigate injustices committed since year 1963 to date and provide way forward for giving justice to the victims and reconciliation mechanisms among communities.
“TJRC was not formed to investigate 2007/2008 post election violence only, our mandate is from 1963 to date” said the truth commission boss.
Mr Aziz was responding to questions raised by participants of a forum on land reforms dubbed “fast tracking land reforms towards peaceful elections” organized by Kituo Cha Sheria held at a Nairobi hotel on Thursday.
Most of the participants dismissed call by TJRC to be added more time to complete its report; they claimed that the commission would have finished its work within four years if it was serious on its mandate.
Mr Aziz said that his commission needed a lot of time in order to collect information and record statements across all the country.
“We require additional of more time to get statements from people in the grassroots and marginalised areas,” he said adding that lack of enough civic education on its mandate has led to confusion among citizens.
At the same time, participants endorsed calls for the formation of National Land Commission (NLC) to deal with land issues which have contributed larger to conflict.
Kituo Cha Sheria Chairman Ken Nyaundi called on President Kibaki and Prime minister to speed up the process of appointing officials to the lands commission.
He said that recent conflicts seen in the country among them cattle rustling, Tana delta clashes and (MRC) Mombasa Republic Council involve land problems.
First published in 2012.


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