Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Abbih; the gospel afro fusion maestro

Abbih Ngumo in studio doing his thing. Photo: Courtesy of Abbih Nguma.
By Caleb Mutua
Abbih is a young artist determined to take Afro Fusion to the next level. Showbiz Digest sought to find out why the musician decided to delve in this exceptional genre.
Cal: Who is Don Abbih Nguma
Abbih: My name is Mboloi Nguma Abbih. I was born in Mombasa and grew up there. I am the first born in a family of 5 boys: Abel, Moss, Kim and Solo. I am currently a 4th year journalism student at the University of Nairobi, School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Cal: Why gospel music?
Abbih: Simple, I was born to praise God and am happy that God gave me this talent. I am going to use it to praise Him to the fullest.
Cal: When did you start singing?
Abbih: I first set foot in a studio in 2007 but I began singing way before in church and other places that I could sing.
Cal: What makes you different?
Abbih: The fact that I have been seasoned with time and I have my act together. I am in this for the ministry nothing, more nothing less. If you love somebody, u give them your all and your best; that makes me different. I also do Afro Fusion, a genre that not so many young people do.
Cal: What motivates you to sing?
Abbih: Having a brand new day to God and winning souls to Christ through afro fusion music.
Cal: What are you upto?
Abbih: I am planning my own show dubbed Introducing Don Nguma at the end of the year. I will also be performing at different places next month not yet confirmed but guys can visit my Facebook page, Don Nguma, and like it to see my scheduled shows
Cal: What should your fans expect?
Abbih: Good uplifting sensational music and more shows; they should expect a revolution.


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